The music was beautifully created (truly within a few minutes!) and played by my son Dan Bell who was just 20 then.

I walk every weekend from 7 miles to over 10 miles exploring the Great Britain and discovering how beautiful our Britain is!

This is a record of one of my walks, 10 miles with a walking group in Castleton, Derbyshire on Sunday 1 November 2015. Beautiful sunny weather with fantastic scenery of rolling green hills with golden autumn trees and the sheer scale of landscape made this walk a memorable one! I was so happy to be here standing on the top of Mam Tor, taking a deep breath and inhaling the wonders of nature and the richness of the land. It was such relaxing ending up in the local pub having a drink before we set out into the golden evening horizon.

© All photos were taken by Natalie Xiao Bell. Please comment and give a big Thumb Up if you like this movie! Ta!