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Super Fine Cashmere Scarves

Super Fine Cashmere Scarves

Super Fine Cashmere Scarves

As light as air; As soft as cloud; As warm as the sun!

'Wow! This is Amazing! How can they produce such gossamer-fine cashmere?' You would ask when you see these scarves. They are much finer than you can image! These cashmere scarves are the finest on earth!

With extremely high skills and the best quality of cashmere, we can make these super delicate scarves with great care so that you can wear them with pride. And we even dye each scarf by hand and it's 100% AZO Free!

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Product Information

100% AZO FREE Certified

Material: 100% finest cashmere

Size: 100cm W x 240cm L

Weight: 60g; 300NM/Square Inch; Double Strands

Colours: Black, Silver Grey, Navy Blue, Fuchsia, Water Melon, Princess Blue, Nude, Light Lilac, Forest Green, Marshmallow, Blossom Pink, Antique Pink, Lemon, Teal, Ivory

Our price includes Packing/Post in the UK

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