Bamboo Bedding Cotton

Do you know the following shocking figure? There are about 40, 000 cotton farmers die from pesticides poisoning each year. Growing cotton is extremely labour intensive. The growing season is very long and the cotton harvest heavily relies on the pesticides. Most of the cotton comes from developing countries, where there is hardly any protection measures for the cotton farmers to be protected against pesticides. The soil, the water and the air are polluted with pesticides. This situation is getting worse, not better for the farmers. The price of pesticides is getting more and more expensive. Poor cotton farmers get very little from selling the cotton. How could we make effort to save this situation? Any alternatives to cotton?

Here is the answer! Buy bamboo fibre made products such as bed linen, towels, etc… Bamboo is a sustainable plant, which grows fast and vast without any chemicals. Snow Blossom is offering a wonderful range of 100% pure bamboo fibre bed linen including duvet covers, sheets and pillowcases and the towels. Bamboo fibre made bed linen and towels have so many advantages over the cotton for more healthy choice. Bamboo is naturally anti bacterials, anti mildew, anti allergies and anti odor… Bamboo bed linen can keep you cool during the warm night while one feels hot with cotton.