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Beauty Silk Cocoons

Beauty Silk Cocoons

Beauty Silk Cocoons

Sterilised silk cocoons are naturally pure and clean and can be used to exfoliate skin promoting skin's suppleness. There is an instruction card with the pack of cocoons which tells how to use them. 15pcs in one pack.

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Product Information

Silk cocoons are used as skincare products to cleanse and nourish skin. The raw silk cocoons contains two rich elements: protein sericin-animo acids which is soluable in hot water and fibroin consisting elastin and collagens. Both elements can be directly absorbed by human skin for repairing damaged skin and promoting more supple skin. Silk extracts have been used in many anti-wrinkle skincare products. All our silk cocoons are collected from clean and hygienic environment and have been sterilised. The outside layers and the inner layers of a cocoon have been peeled off, leaving the only middle layers for purity. They are clean, pure and natural without chemicals or bleaching.

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