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Silk Neck Scarf

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Silk Neck Scarf

Each silk neck scarf was created by Natalie Xiao Bell, the founder of Snow Blossom, who loves nature, is a keen gardener, and likes photography. These scarves was printed digitally with her story to tell.

1. Dunham Massey: In the morning of the freezing & icy Christmas Eve 2009, Natalie went for a walk with the neighbours in this National Trust Gardens. The ground and lake were still frozen. Birds were flying while some landed on the ice. The swans were dancing coming into her lens. It was such beautiful & peaceful sight, which was just a perfect setting for the spirit of Christmas - a classic photograph on scarf that ever lasts. It's not just for Christmas, but anytime and anywhere.

2. Hydrangea: On the early morning of Boxing day 2009 the frost was set hard and world was in silver. It was perfect time to take photos of plants with the frost on the edges which defines each petal.

3. Sale Bridgewater Canal: 18 December 2010, big snow in the north of England. It was 8-10" deep. Natalie took her camera for a walk along the Bridgewater Canal in Sale. She had lovely chat with this lady who wore a pair of colourful Wellington Boots and bright coloured hat. This was the cheerful moment to record.

4. Allium: Natalie loves gardening. This bright Allium was from her own back garden.

5. Cactus: Conservatory is the perfect place for growing cactus. When group them together their dimensional shapes and colours add interest to flora habitat.

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Product Information

Material: 100% Silk in 16 Momme

Size: 53x53cm

Photos are digital printed

All Silk Neck Scarf comes with elegant box packaging

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