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100% Silk Pillowcases - Charmeuse

100% Silk Pillowcases - Charmeuse

100% Silk Pillowcases - Charmeuse

Elegant and luxurious, these 100% mulberry silk has beautiful sheen appearance. Charmeuse silk has satin weave finish and ours are of the highest quality in 19momme.

Silk is natural fibre which keeps head cool while asleep and silk is naturally good for skin and hair. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic too! Most ladies have the experience that sleeping with silk does help smoothing fine lines and preventing hair loss. In long term, silk keeps your skin supple and radiant. Silk pillowcase is a Must item for a lady as one of her secret possessions.

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Material: 100% Mulberry Silk in 19momme Size: Mini 36x58cm; Standard 50x70+1cm; 50x70+7cm; King 50x90cm; Square 65x65cm Style: Housewife +1cm edging; Oxford +7cm fringe Colours: Ivory, Peach, Grey, Taupe, Champagne, Almond, Gold

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