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Silk Filled Duvets Encased With Cotton

Silk Filled Duvets Encased With Cotton

Silk Filled Duvets Encased With Cotton

No one makes the silk duvet like we do! Snow Blossom is highly expertised in producing silk filled duvets! Our world famous silk duvets are filled with silk floss which is hand extracted from each silk cocoon, therefore, there is no grade rating as we only hand pick the best silk cocoons. Only the machine extracted silk has the grade ratings. Each silk cocoon is washed with unpolluted deep well spring water and then dried in fresh air in the countryside. There is no chemical ever used in any of these processes.

People buy silk duvets from us repeatedly for many years because our products and service are both simply excellent!

Light weight duvet is perfect for hot summer nights; Medium weight duvet is great for Spring, Autumn or all year round; A combination duvets are Light and Medium duvets joining together with attached ties.

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Product Information

Filling: 100% Long Mulberry Silk, hand extracted, stretched and layered

Casing: 100% Cotton 300 high Thread Count

Certification: Oeko-Tex 100 Testing for Chemicals

*Weight: Light ≡ 4 tog, Medium ≡ 9 tog, Combination ≡ 13 tog: Light+Medium= Two Duvets

Note: * symbol ≡ means Equivalence

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