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Vera Wood/Buffalo Horn Comb With Handle

Vera Wood/Buffalo Horn Comb With Handle

Vera Wood/Buffalo Horn Comb With Handle

Material: Vera wood with natural scent and buffalo horn

Size: 180mm Length; 45mm Width;

This comb is made from the combination of vera wood and buffalo horn. The teeth are purely polished by hand and are so smooth that they don't damage hair.

Note: The horn is ethically sourced and is by-product of the beef industry.

Tried and Tested by Natalie Xiao Bell. 5 out of 5 both in quality and workmanship

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Product Information

Combs For Healthy Hair

Vera Wood is also called Argentine Lignum Vitae or Bulnesia Arborea, the tree grows in South America. This hardwood has pale yellow to olive green appearance and turn into dark green with age and sun light. It has fine texture with oily natural lust and pepper mint-like scent.

Regularly combing hair stimulates blood circulation, make hair shining and prevents hair loss. A perfect comb can help solving hair problems and promote good sleep. We found these perfect combs for you - handmade to its highest quality, these combs are made from vera wood. It gives the natural scent and is great for anti-stress.

This comb combines wood and buffalo horn with solid rounded handle. When combing you feel the gentleness of the teeth through hair and scalp. No damage to hair roots;

We have many different shapes and styles both for Men, Women and Children.

Let's Comb For Our Healthy Hair!

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