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Endless benefits for silk bedding

If you are looking for a blissful night’s sleep, let our lavish silks take you into a peaceful and comfortable slumber. Our range of silk filled duvets, silk pillows and pillowcases, silk sheets and silk nightwear will ensure that you sleep with sheer serenity and relaxation. You will also have added health benefits from choosing our lovely silk bedding. With hypoallergenic qualities, you can be sure that you and your family have the best protection from allergies and dust mites.

A gift from nature, so we can give back

Shop online today and browse through our range of silk bedding, all created naturally and organically.
The sumptuous silk bedding that you find here on the Snow Blossom website is a great gift from nature - and with our pure bamboo fibre bed linen, you are able to do your bit for a more sustainable world due to the eco-friendly quality of our products.

  • Silk Bedding

    All Snow Blossom's duvets are hand layered layer upon layer with the finest long mulberry silk.

  • Silk Nightwear

    Silk Dressing Gowns & Night Dresses. Quality, Design, Style & Workmanship.

  • Bamboo Bedding

    Cool, soft and silky, bamboo fibre bed linen is the best alternative to cotton

Choose Snow Blossom silk bedding for a better night's sleep . . .

Welcome to Snow Blossom. Here you will find a wonderfully exquisite range of silk bedding, bamboo bedding, mattress toppers and more. From hand filled pure mulberry silk duvets, soft silk pillows, silk mattress toppers and sumptuous silk nightwear, you will find a beautiful collection of silk bedding on our site. For a better night’s sleep, for better health, or just for a touch of luxury in your home, choose Snow Blossom silk bedding today.